Gayatri Dham Sendhwa
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Gayatri Dham Sendhwa

About 7 k.m. from Sendhwa on A.B. Road, Gayatri Dhaam is situated in 20 acre land. The first view of Gayatri Dham gives a deep feeling of relaxation and mental peace. Whole ashram is full of natural trees, spiritual atmosphere and creative activities. Gayatri Dham was established on the Basant Panchami of 1995 and its foundation was made on the vedic heritage of Mother Cow.

Kamdhenu Kunj Gaushala

The Kamdhenu Kunj is the Gau shala at Gayatri Dham. Around 125 beautiful and healthy Cow's of Indian breed at living here. All medicines and naturopathy treatment are based on the byproduct of Kamdhenu kunj. The byproducts are also use to create organic fertilizer used in farming and biogas.

Ma Bhagwati Yog Nisargupchaar Research Center

In naturopathy the body is made purified by extracting the toxic and poison from human body. Thus make us stronger and healthy. The patients are treated with these therapies Anema, Sun bath, seam bath, spinal tub bath, hip bath, sarvang panch gavya lep, mud grahatkumari lep And pyramid fast, yagna therapy, fresh natural herbs, meditation and yoga, pranayam.

Traditional Indian Education

Gayatri Dham is working dedicatedly to provide quality education by running schools for both young boys and girls. The Eklavya Gurukul for boys and Mata Bhagvati Gurukul for Girls are the same institution at Gayatri Dham that is creating good humans out of the young generation of India.