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Kamdhenu Kunj Gau Vigyan Shala

The Kamdhenu Kunj is the Gaushala at Gayatri dhaam. Around 119 beautiful and healthy Cow's of Indian breed at living here. All medicines and naturopathy treatment are based on the byproduct of Kamdhenu kunj. The byproducts are also use to create organic fertilizer used in farming and biogas.

The Cow's Panch gavya has following powers:

Panchgvya of Red Cow: solve problem related to pitt.
Panchgvya of White Cow: solve problem related to kaff.
Panchgvya of Black Cow: solve problem related to Vaat.
Cow's Milk: gives power, and cooling to body. Must take 200-400 gram per day.
Cow's ghee: solve all tridosh problems. Take 20-40 grams per day.
Cow's Curd: good of man, purifies blood full of energy. Take 20-30 gram per day.
Cow's Urine: solve all tridosh problems and is an simple solution for over 100 health problems. Take 25-50 ml. daily.

Biograss, Vegetables, Fruits, Medicines, Bio-fertilizer Production

1) Grass- maize,jwar
2) Vegitables- brinjal, lauki, gilki, karela, spinach, maithy, coriander, radish, chilly,
3) Fruits- guava, sitafal, pomegranate, amla, papaya are produced here.
4) Medicinal plants- tulsi, mint, pipramul, adusa, bhringraj, nirgundi, giloye, turmeric, ginger, onion, garlic, ashwagandha, kwarpath etc.
5) Medicinal tree- neem, pipal, banyan, lemon, amla, palash, ashok, arandi, sandal, tamarind, almond, etc are available.
6) Bio-fertilizers- Samadhi khad, earthwarm fertilizer, compost fertilizers, cow-urine fertilizers,banyan tree-soil fertilizers etc. are prepared.

Panchgavya Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Wing

45 TYPES OF panchgavya productions are made here like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, massage oil, tulsi oil, facepack, aloe era gel etc. Except this following types of medicines are made here.

TABLET (VATI)- Arogya Vati ,Jivan Kalptaru, Neemghat Vati, Panchgavya Ghrit etc.
POWDER (CHURNA)- Sarswati yoga, Dama Yoga(asthma), Blood Pressure Powder, Diabetes Powder etc.
FOR WORSHIP (POOJA)- Dry cow dung(kande), Agnihotra Kande, Godhrit Batti, Sticks etc.
EMPOWERMENT OF BODY- Purush Jivan Yoga, Saubhagya Sudha Yoga, Arogya Yoga, Gurukul Drink.

Discipline and self service training session

Every month from 1 to 5 day five day training session is conducted for the formation of ideal person and ideal village. The activities of the training session are as follows.

1. Medicine formation.
2. Packing.
3. Panchgavya sangrah.
4. Advertisement, training of selling herbal products.
5. Deepyagya
6. Anti-addiction practice for good character.

Rules for Sadhaks (Trainees)

1. Shadhak should introduce oneself first. He/she should be 10 th pass, should be not below 25 years of age and not above 50 years. He should be healthy and free from any addiction.
2. After the completion of the training(shivir) sadhakas have to go in villages to teach them whatever you leant.
3. Panchgavya is taken from healthy cows. Cow is considered the mother of the world.we should care cows, should not harm and beat them. We should respect Gau-mata.

Gau-vansh Living Place, Feed System and Care System

1. Cow is pure, the best and sensible animal. In gayaridham many cow breeds are there like NIMARI, GIR, THARPARKER, MALVI, KAKREJ etc . Male cows (nandi) are also reared of same breed.
2. cow products like milk, ghrit, cow-urine are also collected separately.
3. Natural herbs, dry-grass, grinded pulse, khal, kakda, muster oil,coconut, maize, jwar, bajra, green grass, water etc. are given to cows regularly.
4. There is a pond in gayatridham in which cows are taken for bath. Cows are kept carefully here.
5. Everyday they are taken for grazing 5 km far on a hill.
6. On every 15 day they are given massage of lemon extract, butter milk,etc.