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The Traditional Indian Education

Gayatri Dham is working dedicatedly to provide quality education by running schools for both young boys and girls. The Eklavya Gurukul for boys and Mata Bhagvati Gurukul for Girls are the same institution at Gayatri Dhaam that is creating good humans out of the young generation of India. The Gurukul is devoted to the great writer and freedom fighter Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya and his wife The Mother Mata Bhagvati Devi Sharma.

The Gurukul is affiliated by Madhya Pradesh Education Board and it did not accept any donation/help from Government body. The Gurukul accepts favors from the bighearted and educated people from society. Thus maintain a good balance between culture, ethics and education, Gurukul develops his students to become a better and brave citizen of the country.

Mode of Teaching at Gurukul

1. The subjects taught at Gurukul are Mathematics, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, social sciences, environment. All subjects approved by Madhya Pradesh Education Board.
2. Main focus on Sanskaar and education for 1 standard to 5 standards.
3. For 6 standard to 8 standard, main focus is made on Computer education, yoga, self employment based trainings like agriculture, soap making, natural herbs, sandal sticks etc.
4. Female students are given additional training of Karate for their self Defense.