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Plan: Yug Nirman Yojana (Construction of Era).

Construction of Era
According to Vedic Philosophy and Pt Shri Ram Sharma Man is Potentially divine, but distracted. As a visionary Pt. Shri Ram Sharma saw heaven on earth which is possible by gaining each man's divinity. When each Man will recall divinity, We can see heaven on Earth. Man following 18 Solemn Pledge creates heavenly environment. The Yug Nirman Yojana (Construction of Era) mission of All World Gayatri Pariwar is engaged in multiple reformative and reconstructive activities on the personal, familial, social, national and cultural fronts of life. Spiritual refinement of the suksma vatavarana (subtle environment) has been the predominant focus of the mission and it has endeavored a Yagya-based movement on the lines of the vedic tradition to achieve this virtually impossible goal.

Upasna, Sadhana & Aradhana

Absorbing The Divine Energy
Sustaining The Divine Energy
Channelizing The Divine Energy
Upasana is a way to gain enegery from the atmosphere.
Each religion have their own Upasana technique & one can adopt any of them.
The members of Gayatri Pariwar usually performs Gayatri Mantra's upasana for the same. We meditate on Savita Devta (Rising Sun) while chanting Gayatri Mantra to get engery from the Sun.
Another way of Upasana is making Role model for absorbing Qualities.
Performing Upasana Techniques will give cosmic energy, then next step is to sustain that energy by the help of SANYAM.
We can consider SANYAM asInsulation for electricity flow which helps electrical energy to flow and reach the destination.
Sanyam done for 4 things:
  • Senses - Indriya Sanyam
  • Time - Samay Sanyam
  • Resource - Arth Sanayam
  • Thought - Vichar Sanyam
The method of UPASANA & SADHNA provides energy. This energy needs to utilize in proper direction otherwise, without flow it will become Poisonous. Flow is the law of nature for divinity.
Clouds takes water from sea (UPASANA) - Condense them and form clouds (SADHNA)- distributes the water for the thirst i.e. AARADHNA.
One can do AARADHANA by serving in many ways - Mankind, Spiritual Places, Nation, Eradication, Social welfare etc.

Thought Revolution

Thoughts are the seed for any existing situation. Happines-sorrow, success-unsuccess, progress-regress etc depends on man's own thoughts.

By working on thoughts - it is possible to awaken the divinity in human and bring heaven on earth. Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya has visualized this, and hence focus of the mission is changing the individual's thought.

Thoughts have impacts on character.

Thought --> Words --> Karma/Action --> Habits --> Sanskaar/Firm Habits --> Character

Have close eye on your thoughts cause one day they become Words. The Words will appear in actions, and actions will become Habits. Watch the Habits as they will be stored in mind very firmly & becomes Sanskaars. These Sanskaars build Character.

Personal Family Social Development

To achieve the Mission and Vision "Awakening Divinity in Oneself & Heaven on Earth", Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya has developed a well organized process, Which leads development of Individual to Family, Family to Society and in large, Social formation give birth to an Era.

When a person pursuing divinity, the light of divinity flows in his family. Similarly once family is divine - light flows to the neighbors family and so on. This way complete society can be raised towards divinity.

This philosophy needs contribution from everyone. Various Seminars, Workshops are conducted in Shantikunj and across the globe for the Personality, Family and Social development.

Sanskaars known as rituals conducted door to door & at large level by the mission for Family development. These Sanskars and festivals guide and raise emotional binding among relationship.

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Few extracted Quotes from the ocean of Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya:

Change Yourself - the world will change, Refine yourself - the world will be refined.
21st Century - Bright Future.
Man is the maker of his own Destiny.
A man is what he thinks and does.
Life is 'time', those who love life should not waste it in laziness
Realize your worth and believe that you are uniquely made by the almighty in the world
Being ignorant is not that shameful as lack of eagerness to learn.
The identity of a civilized man is his modesty: hard on the self and soft on others.
God's love is reserved only for virtuous and responsible persons.
The most wretched person is one who does not have self-control.
Man is not the slave of circumstances. He is the creator, controller and master of them.

Positive Thoughts with Images in various Languages:

Donation is the activity performed for selflessness. This is aligned with the philosophy of yagya - Idam Na Mam i.e. This is not mine.

Different streams of Donation: "YUG NIRMAN MISSION" guide person for donation of following things

TIME: One can donate time and can be guided to perform any welfare activity.
RESOURCE: Person can donate cloths, food etc for mission activities.
TALENT: One can use their talent for mission activity. e.g. Web Developer can use talent for developing website with the stream of THIS IS NOT MINE, this develop surrender towards supreme.
POWER: Person can use their power, for Ex Leader can organize sessions for their subordinates for their welfare with the felling of THIS IS NOT MINE.
Labour: one can perform labour activity for higher purpose.
Life: Many People in this mission has donated their life i.e. this life is for the Construction of Era.

Donation with feeling of IDAM NA MAM generates following essence in person :

IDAM NA MAM-[THIS IS NOT MINE]- This is not mine but by grace of other, We the DONOR is able to perform this.
THINGS , POWER , TIME all are impermanent , we are not bounded with these things.
Attachment with these converts into Detachment.
Selfishness grows to Selflessness.